Startup Faster! 2004

Startup Faster! 2004 2.4.7

Speed up the time it takes to start Windows

Startup Faster! 2004 is a revolutionary tool that makes your computer start-up much faster; it even protects your hard disk from sudden failures. Even top-speed computers endure a long start-up time when loading Windows; Startup Faster! 2004 completely solves the problem of long Windows start-ups.

The application uses a unique technology called "SmartBoot” to speed up the start-up process. Startup Faster! 2004 optimizes your boot sequence by changing execution times and disk load. It controls Windows loading in an effort to make great improvements. Based on the developer's tests, Startup Faster! 2004 can speed up your loading speed by between 50% and 200%

Save time

Startup Faster! 2004 greatly reduces the loading time of Windows; it saves you a lot of time every time you restart. Even if you are using a slow machine, you should find your computer is performing at least five times faster.

Protect your hard disk

Mass “read and writes” of hard disks over short periods of time can do great harm to hard disks, which is why some hard disks work for less than one year. If you regularly install programs on your disk and your start-up list is filling up with programs, you may cause the hard disk to run beyond its’ capacity. Startup Faster! 2004 effectively reduces the loads of hard disks, as well as reducing the noise made by hard disks.

Manage the start-up list

Your startup order is really important in some cases, since some programs depend on other programs. If the independent programs are not fully loaded, the dependent programs can't run either. There's also another common problem: some programs leave "dead" links in startup groups and registries, even if the programs were uninstalled. Startup Faster! 2004 can find and remove these dead links. You can also manually remove or add any program to your startup list.